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Melanie Rickey talks punk!

Our latest Punk: On the Runway phone call is now live! It sees writer, editor and consultant Melanie Rickey discuss Alexander McQueen's innate punkish spirit with Lou Stoppard.

Rickey divulges why it is not one, but two collections that stand out in her mind at key 'punk' fashion moments. She explains that McQueen's Autumn/Winter 1995 and Spring/Summer 1999 collections were truly rebellious and took rule-breaking to another level. For her, the way in which McQueen captured the spirit of young London, and 'shocked the establishment' who didn't 'get' his work, makes his the perfect embodiment of punk attitude.

Listen to Rickey's exclusive audio now - and do catch up with past chats with NOWFASHION's Jessica Michault, Karen Langley and Lisa Armstrong among others.