by Penny Martin .

Men in Tights, this Sunday!

Our sincere thanks to BUZZBLOND, whose portfolio we all love

This should wake you up: it's time for some bare, er, faced cheek from Bernhard Willhelm! The latest designer electing to create a film to showcase his fashion collection, Bernhard will be in the studio with us this Sunday and Monday, making a movie to be previewed at the Menswear shows in Paris on the 20th of this month. Of course, we can't say too much about the collection, but Bernhard has supplied us with the working title "Men in Tights" and a range of source imagery including the above so you can draw your own conclusions and tune in from 11:30 to get a load of the nylon and lycra action on set!


  1. sunnylim
    17:27 10 Jan 2008
    men in tights have balls, (and can be seen too)
  2. ChrisSummerfield
    09:34 11 Jan 2008
    Should be interesting. Will this one be in i-D?
  3. PennyMartin
    11:54 11 Jan 2008
    it's a film shoot, Chris, so unless the stills are 'placed', there are no magazine plans as yet. The main intention is to create a movie that will preview at the collections later this month.
  4. ChrisSummerfield
    13:19 11 Jan 2008
    Thanks Penny.
    I hope it goes well and it should be fun to watch.