by Christabel Stewart .

Metalist Moment

LOVELETTER at London's Herald Street gallery, curated by artist Silke Otto Knapp, was a tightly knit group show with an emphasis on a hard, monochromatic female presence which came in the form of an ambiguous typewritten and framed love letters by Janice Kerbel or a hard torso-like Isa Genzken scupture sporting Germanic gym pants. The installation of the works spins out distincively from the central axis of the space, a deliberate room-within-a-room that forms the main gallery. New York based artist Jutta Koether took over this central space to both darken and amplify it with grey walls, silvered painting works, a strobe light and a live performace mid-way through the show's run. Sensitively paced and alluding to realms of fantasy in lyric and slide show imagery the performance animated the exhibition's shadowy geography.