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Millie Brown live performance this Friday

We here at have a penchant for embracing the unusual, whether it’s taxidermy mice à la Charlie Le Mindu or urinals courtesy of Lady Gaga. This week, we are inviting controversial vomiting artist Millie Brown to our LiveStudio - this Friday 30 July, Millie, the puking performance artist who shared the screen in the Puke On Gaga film (in case you're in any doubt, it does exactly what it says on the tin) is returning to our Bruton Place studio for a one-off performance. Accompanied by the operatic musings of singers Patricia Hammond and Zita Syme, Millie will explore the relationship between music and performance art via self-induced vomiting. We are broadcasting her performance live via our LiveStudio starting at 11:30 BST Friday morning. Join us as Millie paints a spectrum of rainbow vomit on canvas.  

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  1. someonegreat
    00:25 29 Jul 2010
    I'll reserve judgement on this one until I see the final product folks.