by Penny Martin .

Mint Designs

If setting their show in a well-known Shibuya bookshop was meant to make their models appear demure, charming and bookish, then tonight's outing of charming, schoolgirl chic worked for Mint Designs. Sweet though never cloying, they defied expectations of a print-dominated collection, which was balanced with some light knitwear and interesting ruffled-sleeve jackets. The most striking emphasis was on the tension between presence and absence, however: indeed the show was entitled 'happy accident' and its ticket showed the outline of a missing figure. This was played out using different kinds of devore techniques. At times it was a pattern etched into the pile of velvet; at other times it was the 'flocked' detail on hosiery. Here the company's logotype creates the white, verticle stripe. In other places, the same repeating figure frieze was embroidered onto trouser legs or across these lacy masks. Kamo got out his trademark Vaseline skincare for a sheeny skin and but for the rather heavy-handed book hats, Mint Designs was a near perfect end to a long, long day.