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Mirrored Flock Of Starlings
Forget Me Not - Only You

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You may not like the music however I do love this video and the mirroring of the extremely beautiful flock of Starlings. 

The way the birds move in this weird wave-like formation is by trying to keep the same distance and height away from the 7 other starlings around them, giving them a staggered motion when dipping and diving.


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  1. Moldovan
    12:48 2 Sep 2013
    Loved my shout out! I will watch aCBL till the end! I enjoyed Batman#13 as well. I was kinda getnitg burned by this title with the Owls seriously overstaying their welcome, but this issue was good. Loved the tense scene in the Police Station and the Harley Quinn stuff. Art by Capullo was great. I also enjoyed Uncanny Avengers as well. I did have problems with it (the funeral scene, Havok magically changing into his costume out of nowhere, and the team hasn't assembled yet) but overall a good issue. I would like to see it get better. First episode of TWD Season 3 was a nice breath of fresh air after Season 2. I didn't care for Season 2 that much. I think I'm going to go watch Arrow right now. Fun show as usual! Keep up the good work and keep it comics!