by Benjamin Seroussi .

Miu Miu : that is all you will get from the show as i didn t get i n


    20:05 4 Mar 2007
    That's a pitty. Better luck next time.
  2. GalileosUniverse
    08:26 5 Mar 2007
    ....ayhow you got in in the most fascinating....inspiring...and thrilling shows of all..."la creme de la creme"....and shared them with us.....for that...a thank you !!....
  3. shaw
    11:23 5 Mar 2007
    thanks for trying to get in.
  4. PennyMartin
    11:41 5 Mar 2007
    Yes, everywhere I went, Benjamin was there, charming his way in on the door!! And there were many more he tried for in vain! What a stellar effort - thanks Ben!!
  5. GalileosUniverse
    17:35 6 Mar 2007 the way the Mi Miu show was very interesting...very Prada....except for the idea of being able to see the transparent underwear by the waste line......I particularly didn't find it really sexy or aesthetically interesting.....because somehow it looks rather tacky compared to the spirit/ feeling of the collection....but that is one opinion....
  6. NajLeGitan
    11:15 6 Apr 2007
    Je ne t'ai pas oublie, je fais seulement le mort.
    Vas-y pousse mec c'est genial.