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Miu Miu's fashion film foray - The Powder Room

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Miu Miu is an unusual fashion label - initially a secondary line (don't say diffusion) of the Prada powerhouse, it quickly blossomed into it's own distinct entity, with a fan-base as prone to passionate displays of affection as those of its sister label.

That feminine love affair with Miu Miu has now been expanded and expounded into a series of short fashion films, titled 'Women's Tales', and created by female directors: the first, by Zoe Cassavetes, featured above. Focused on Miu Miu's S/S 2011 collection, inspired by subverting conventional notions of glamour, her short video is feminine to a fault, depicting its Miu Miu-clad model cast - including Caroline de Maigret, Line Gost, Sophie Vlaming and Audrey Marnay - in the confines of Claridges' powder room (which also provides the film's name).

'I love the idea of a powder room, the ritual which takes place within them is very important for women,' explains Cassavetes. 'There’s something special about preparing yourself, a moment before the action takes place. I love the sense of intimacy. It’s a place away from men, where you can check out other women, and re- glamorise yourself ready to face the world again.'

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  1. riyka
    14:33 28 Jan 2011
    I absoloutly love this collection, and have been waiting to see something like this come out, its amazing how the bold prints of the dresses become so feminine in the "powder room" surroundings..perfect
  2. EstherLee
    18:52 28 Jan 2011
    Beautiful collection! Love the chioce of colours.
  3. alacran1029
    21:14 29 Jan 2011
    Beautiful clothing and film.
    Further mystifies the private world of women.