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'My Fashion Body' by Milly McMahon

[blockquote]Sexy women sell magazines; a phenomena which will be employed for eternity. If it's not broken, then why fix it? So what if your body doesn’t fit the fashion mould? A seed is planted.[/blockquote]
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The latest essay in our Fashion Body series, from i-D reporter-at-large Milly McMahon, is titled 'My Fashion Body' in more than a clever twist on our series' theme. McMahon takes a resolutely personal approach to the theme of The Fashion Body and the meaning of the term both to her as a fashion journalist, and in turn as a woman affected by the images the industry produces.


  1. la
    12:28 27 Aug 2010
    I love how this project is shaping up.
    The essays are a great counterpoint to the films.
    I thought Milly Mcmahon, was really heartfelt.
    I empathize with her too.
    I know a lot about that feeling.
  2. Fox
    12:59 27 Aug 2010
    Really enjoying these essays - great way of seeing how others view 'the fashion body'