by Ross Phillips .

My mistake

This morning I clicked something that I should not have clicked which resulted in being torn asunder. The mistake has now been rectified but it means that any changes to forums/blog comments/profiles etc after 0.25AM this morning have been deleted. So if something you have written has disappeared, I apologise and suggest you give it another go.


  1. VaughnHardcastle
    13:04 7 Jan 2008
  2. JoshBaker
    20:44 7 Jan 2008
    Whoops! ;-)
  3. GalileosUniverse
    07:57 8 Jan 2008
    Look at it on the bright side ... no body is perfect :):) ... and most of it ( if useful ) still there ... for eternity , let's hope ....... and last but not least, you are not afraid to admit a mistake , that shows true character :):)
  4. Dorian Moore
    10:44 8 Jan 2008
    At least we had a backup from earlier that day ;-)
  5. ChrisSummerfield
    14:05 8 Jan 2008
    I agree, and thanks for a great service. It is too easy for people to take a free creative and inspirational and very informative, at the edge of fashion and design networking service for granted.
    So thanks very much guys and girls at the studio for all your hard work.
  6. ChrisSummerfield
    14:14 8 Jan 2008
    Nice hand work G. U.
    Break Dancer Plymouth Hoe Fistral Series
  7. AutoImage
    01:08 9 Jan 2008
    hate to say i told you so