by Amanda Harlech .

My summer of dreaming...

My summer of dreaming - film ideas, painting and the novel. My summer of loss - the two grey mares, the ghost cat. My summer of discovery - of guessed connections, of places like home which become stranger and more beautiful, of grey light and rain and the wind in the oaks, of finding that I am recrossing ancient tracks, recognizing everything that I thought I had lost and so finding them again.

Watched De Sica's ' Bicycle Thieves' - how suffering, deprivation, injustice forces the good man's heart to do the thing he knows is evil. What is evil? What is the devil that rides on all our backs alert to that tremor of doubt, ready to dig in its claws as unforgiving as the earth's core. A brilliant, searing film - the light, the sense of the world and of man struggling within it, the shadow of cruelty and the sun after rain. Art transposes the real - but it is not just reality - art sifts and refocuses and sharpens. I also saw Shadow Dancer but here the story was confused even if the light and composition of the film was moving and powerful - Riseborough and Gleeson are brilliant, wrenched and suffering - the corruption and dirt of the policed world never added up in the way it did in Tinker Tailor...Other films - the stunning Les Enfants du Paradis, Arnold's short Wasp and Ramsay's Ratcatcher - all so inspiring. Want to get on with film project with Nick!

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  1. ericesquire
    21:09 5 Sep 2012
    'les enfants du paradis' - yes. a film to indulge.

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