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New Agent Provocateur film to launch on Friday!

Do you always cry at weddings? Then let us give you something to truly weep about! This Friday, we will be unveiling the first of six, audacious new film shorts made in collaboration with Agent Provocateur that, together, tell the story of "the meltdown of marriage as an ideal". Scripted by the lingerie company's founder Joe Corré, visualised by Nick Knight, and starring some very special guests, these extraordinary films celebrate the launch of the Agent Provocateur forthcoming 'White Wedding' bridal range in the darkest, most destructive and debauched of fashions. "You know how it always ends" as Terry Hall warns in 'The Tunnel of Love', but to see how it begins tune at 18:00hrs on Friday 2nd May to meet the blushing mystery bride on the eve of her betrothal.