by Lou Stoppard .

New Fashion Fetish essay live!

'There is a belief that there is ‘normal’ sexuality – between one man and one woman, in the context of a stable, monogamous relationship, with half an eye on reproduction. All other sorts of sexuality are abnormal, deviant, immoral, unnatural, perverted...'

After a brief hiatus over Collections our Fashion Fetish series has resumed with the launch of our final few essays. Responding to Lily Donaldson's amusing amature porn inspired piece - which drew inspiration from fetish group 'the furries' - writer and cultural critic Alison Bancroft has offered up an essay that explores the interplay between fetish and trouble. There couldn't be a more qualified writer for this project - Bancroft specialises in sexuality, modern culture and fashion and this year published a book titled Fashion and Psychoanalysis. Her essay offers an informed discussion of the percieved difference between 'normal' and 'abnormal' intercourse and the existance of a feminine masquerade.

The piece, which draws on the work of sexuality and gender doyens such as Sigmund Freud and Michele Montrelay, is live in our project. Read it now.


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