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New Fashion Film and Editorial Gallery Now Launched

Captured during Nick Knight's couture sittings for the Summer 2011 issue of V Magazine, our latest fashion film Cygnet has now launched on site. Featuring exquisite Spring/Summer 2011 haute couture creations handcrafted by Atelier Versace, Valentino, Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel and Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci, frothed with ostrich, chantilly lace and swansdown and plucked from the magazine editorial, Cygnet transforms model Ming Xi into a high-fashion swan. As if to underline the very origin of that idea - the Indo-European root of swan is swen, meaning to sound or to sing - Ming Xi herself provides the backing-track for the film by singing the children's lullaby 'Ugly Duckling'. This fashion film, presented alongside the V magazine editorial shots, proves that she is anything but.


  1. KaWai
    06:17 23 Jul 2011
  2. nickknight
    23:29 23 Jul 2011
    why thank you KaWai. How very kind.
  3. TatiLie
    05:48 24 Jul 2011
    i'm amazed.
  4. CharlieStrand
    14:29 24 Jul 2011
    There are endless ways to convey movement in fashion photography, but in this shoot the movement and blurring is so incredible that the garments appear to be almost fluid and remind me of watching time-lapse footage of smoke rising from volcanos. Absolutely stunning, and unlike anything I've ever seen. Bravo!
  5. KaWai
    19:27 24 Jul 2011
    I think the black backdrop added to the effect. Many fashion shoots like to use white as the backdrop, but I often find black as a backdrop to be much more interesting for the overall.
  6. mpampaloo
    12:10 25 Jul 2011
    Beautiful! I like the fluidity of the garment..indeed it looks like a volcano eruption (in a good way) :D
  7. someonegreat
    13:46 25 Jul 2011
    Gorgeous. Wonderful to see couture in motion and not treated like a museum exhibit (although I guess you did that too with the analysis films).