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New film now launched!

To celebrate the career of Yohji Yamamoto and his forthcoming eponymous retrospective at London's Victoria and Albert Museum, captured three of his key collaborators in a unique conversation on all things Yohji. Photographer Nick Knight, graphic designer Peter Saville and art director Marc Ascoli were three keynote collaborators who worked alongside one another to create the celebrated and hugely influential Yohji Yamamoto catalogues and advertising imagery during the late 1980s. Here, they discuss their work together in a unique conversation chaired by curator Magda Keaney and recorded and edited by filmmaker Ruth Hogben.

The release of this project coincides with the opening of a unique exhibition examining Yohji Yamamoto's visionary influence on fashion design over the past thirty years. Yamamoto's first major solo show in the UK, the Victoria and Albert museum will showcase over eighty garments charting Yamamoto's designs for men and women. Harking back to Yamamoto's catalogues of the 1980s, the keynote graphic of the exhibition was once again created in collaboration between Nick Knight and Peter Saville.

The exhibition 'Yohji Yamamoto' is at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London from 12 March - 10 July 2011

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  1. KaWai
    23:27 11 Mar 2011
    Hope I could get a chance to see it while in London later this month!