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New Film Project Launched!

Still from 'Britannica: Rites and Rituals'

Our latest film project, Britannica, examines a somewhat unconventional side to set designer Simon Costin's sphere of interest: namely his fascination with, and ardent support of, the native folklore rites and rituals of Great Britain. His passion for these traditions is so heartfelt that he has recently realised a lifetime's ambition in founding The Museum of British Folklore, currently a travelling exhibition with aims to find a permanent home to house the first national museum devoted to the folk culture of the British Isles. Costin's museum - housed in a converted 1976 Castleton caravan - was debuted at his recent Folklore Fete at Cecil Sharp House, and is the centrepiece of conversation and aesthetic in our interview film with Costin. Alongside this, Britannica debuts a short film edited from over thirty years of archive footage captured by folklore afficionado Doc Rowe, and edited by Ruth Hogben to capture the rites and rituals of this Sceptred Isle, shown online for the first time.


  1. la
    22:44 22 May 2009
    I absolutely love these films, real gems!
    Does anybody know the name of the song and singer of the very first song on Rites and Rituals?
  2. theoriginalwheelstv
    03:51 23 May 2009
    I always wondered about that STIFF upperlip.
    17:05 23 May 2009
    hi my name is david aylward fantastic film i saw the caravan at hastings this year .I run a arts /performance group called Rediscovered Urban Rituals which re present lost or old customs this year we we will endever to re stage the Horn Fayre procession from Cuckholds Point in Rotherhithe to Charlton House in south east london . The last time this happened was in 1872.The date will be June the 28th starting at 10am we will be documenting the procession and i think would be good for the collection along with other events we have done my e mail is look forward to hearing from you
  4. MrC
    22:34 25 May 2009
    The song was recorded at The Royal Festival Hall last year and is Eliza Carthy but I can't for the life of me remember the name of the song.......let me get back to you!
  5. la
    23:13 25 May 2009
    thank you ,how very kind.
  6. delarosa
    09:14 26 May 2009
    this project is wonderful, absolutely fantastic! I love it.
    what's the story behind this horse-skeleton and what language where they talking?
    (sorry, english is not my mother-tongue)
  7. DocRowe
    13:40 2 Jun 2009
    Actually ...I filmed this sequence of Eliza at The Royal ALBERT Hall in May 2007
  8. DocRowe
    13:45 2 Jun 2009
    It is Welsh and the event is the Marri Llwyd. A Christmas time [December and through January] house visiting custom. As one of the singers says ... it's a verbal battle of wits between householder and visitors
  9. delarosa
    11:05 15 Jun 2009
    i forgot, this is a thankyou-message to Doc Rowe:
    diolch yn fawr