by Neal Bryant .

New moving portraits project coming soon!

I've just had a meeting with Henry Holland, Clive Booth and Mark George in which we discussed a new exciting project for SHOWstudio. 

Henry will be the first sitter in front of Clive's camera for a series of moving portraits that will aim to provide a greater insight into some of the industry's leading figures. 

The collaborative project will highlight the various steps taken from concept through to completion including an in-depth look into why creative and technical decisions were made. 

The project will be launching in the up-coming weeks.  


  1. funeral
    14:49 1 Aug 2013
    I'm intrigued by this project. How is this going to differ from say the 200 sittings project that Nick Knight completed in 2010?

    I think showing the technical deliberations and options for such a project would give it a real unique grounding...

    I'd love to know more.
  2. neal.bryant
    11:18 2 Aug 2013
    Hello Funeral,

    Thanks for your interest. The project will differ in quite a few ways from the 200 portraits project.

    Unlike the 200 portraits these portraits will be shot as moving portraits and won't be documenting the process of having your portrait taken, which will mean each movement within the portrait will have to be considered for video rather than stills.

    The portraits are also more collaborative in approach, so Clive and SHOWstudio will be working closely with the sitter of each portrait to consider how the portrait should be approached and how all parties want it look and feel. As we want to reveal something that you wouldn't necessarily know about the sitter, they will have quite a personal feel to them.

    As mentioned during each portrait we will be making various decisions about technological approaches and how to best use various kit to achieve the desired result. We aim to explain this thoroughly to allow SHOWstudio visitors a greater understanding of the technicalities involved with filming something like this.

    For example, in Henry's up-coming portrait we will be exploring lots of different lighting techniques, and audio will also be extremely important. We will explain why this is and how it was achieved as the project develops.

  3. funeral
    12:05 3 Aug 2013
    Thank you for taking the time to write back.

    I think for me the most intriguing thing about this project is how you aim to explore both the personal aspects of the sittings and the technicalities of approaching such a project; to me, quite an impersonal aspect of image making.

    I look forward to seeing this project develop on the site.

    Do you know when we can expect to see something?