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As one of the Bal Masqué’s twelve muses –chosen by Maison Martin Margiela to model their silver flower dress at the grand event on the 24th October- controversial actress/director Asia Argento has kindly agreed to lend her cinematic skills to SHOWstudio for a diary project that she has named ‘Don’t Bother To Knock’. Over ten days, from 17 October until the 25th of this month, Asia will document her daily life whilst she is over here promoting her new film via series of intimate video entries. Starting from 12:00hrs (UK time) tomorrow, these will be published three times per day: at noon, 6pm and midnight, so log on thrice daily to keep up!


  1. friend
    00:13 17 Oct 2006
    My heart is beating faster and faster.
  2. friend
    00:13 17 Oct 2006
    My heart is beating faster and faster.
  3. la
    08:18 17 Oct 2006
    I keep coming across this girl,she seems to be everywhere at the moment.I loved her in Marie Antoinette,but I can't quite make my mind about her. Is she like an italian Chloe Sevigny,but alot darker?and what an odd choice for Martin Margeila so sexual for a company whose vision seems so far removed from that.I want to know more,does anybody have any info?
    Is she married to an italian Horror film director?
  4. flux
    10:38 17 Oct 2006
    Dario Argento (if that's who you mean) is her father I think.
  5. ross.phillips
    11:09 17 Oct 2006
    Yeah, that's right. He's responsible for some of the great Giallo movies alongside Mario Bava, Lucio Fulci and his protege Michelle Soavi.
  6. flux
    11:41 17 Oct 2006
    I only know of him thanks to having watched 'Suspiria'. Twice...
  7. ross.phillips
    11:47 17 Oct 2006
    yeah, great movie. Such beautiful colours and great soundtrack by Goblin. Deep Red is worth a punt and The Bird with the Crystal Plumage is doing the rounds on film4 at the moment. I'm keen to see his hitchcock tribute...Ti piace Hitchcock?
  8. flux
    13:18 17 Oct 2006
    Agree about the colours and soundtrack! I can't get Film4 though so I'll have to look out for the other titles you recommend on DVD - thanks for the tips.