by Penny Martin .

New project with Hussein Chalayan on the horizon

Though August is officially fashion's 'down month', the fact that everyone else is away on holiday means it's the only time to get things done. Nick and I met with Hussein Chalayan yesterday to discuss an exciting new project scheduled for next month.


  1. Turbo
    11:31 8 Aug 2007
    Im very excitied to see what kind of magic a Nick Knight/Hussein Chalayan collaberation will bring. Good luck on whatever it is you are working on.
  2. marian
    16:39 8 Aug 2007
    love Husseins clothes,great to see him on showstudio.
  3. TorErik
    21:58 8 Aug 2007
    I've been waiting for this!
  4. riz
    14:27 27 Aug 2007
    I'm writing my doctoral dissertation on Chalayan, love his work, so please keep us all posted. curious indeed.