by Edison Chen .

u got to see this

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  1. 02:00 8 Mar 2012
    The shape of the screen near and below the wrist will also need a redesign to accommodate for the new way of working that alters the position of arms and hands.
  2. Sarahmily
    05:21 16 Mar 2012
    it wasn't shown on my computer,I do not know what you are doing now,but I knew you like a girl and can't stop thinking about her,you should do something for her,support you!!:)

  3. 05:23 17 Apr 2012
    ok what's for April, sir
  4. Lanny
    18:55 9 Jul 2012
    like your mv of Rumors.
  5. Lanny
    16:23 28 Jul 2012
    很喜欢Everywhere we go( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
  6. Annebelle
    06:54 7 Nov 2012
    I really love that song, but to be honest, your dress is kind of ridiculous! But still lovely !hahaha!
  7. Sarahmily
    03:49 16 Nov 2012
    so you said coming back soon on instagram,huh!