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New Toyin film launched in collaboration with Replay!

Film still from Eyes of the Beholder by Toyin

The crack of a bullwhip is the effect of its tip exceeding the speed of sound, the braided leather causing a small sonic boom. You might call the Doi's brooding soundtrack to Toyin's new whip-cracking film 'Eyes of the Beholder' more of a sonic explosion; its soaring refrain and thundering bass driving an elegiac film featuring whip-cracking lads and winsome lasses courting each other's affections. Shot in a Georgian townhouse and created in collaboration with Replay, this powerful and romantic fashion film showcases the company's Autumn/Winter '08-09 collection and provides a seductive visual feast in so doing.


  1. SteveToal
    16:31 23 Jun 2008
    It's up finally! Hope you all like it...
  2. LucyWood
    17:56 1 Jul 2008
    Spooky, circus, super slick, super cool...
  3. JaneEdwards
    14:26 15 Jul 2008
    Loved the soundtrack and agree that it is a slick / cool movie. Great promo.
  4. MMMM
    15:21 15 Jul 2008
    Like everything SHOWstudio do, this film is amazing. Nice one Replay.
    I'm going out to buy me a whip.
  5. Grace
    16:42 15 Jul 2008
    Really captivating, the styling is perfect!
  6. spartansingh
    23:32 15 Jul 2008
    nice work, pretty fly.
  7. HWD
    07:21 16 Jul 2008
    Looks amazying! Great to see brands like Replay collaborating with SHOWstudio.
  8. LornaMarshall
    08:30 16 Jul 2008
    Dark, beautiful & romantic! When can you buy the clothes!!
  9. RecycledLove
    10:38 16 Jul 2008
    Beautifully shot. Dark, sinister, intriguing........definately makes me want to buy into the Replay brand!!!
  10. DermotG
    11:49 16 Jul 2008
    Amazing film, the clothes look beautiful. Quite a different look for Replay but a great move.
    Showstudio working their magic as ever...
  11. la
    21:44 16 Jul 2008
    I don't want to sound negative in any way as I am a great admirer of Toyins work, but I keep waiting for her to push harder and take it all up a gear.
    I feel there is so much more to come from Toyin and I can't wait to see it but at the moment I feel like she is treading water a little.