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New Tumblr guest curation: 1 to 7 December
Fia Yaqub

From Saturday 1 December 2012 Manchester-based stylist and photographer Fia Yaqub will be guest curating the SHOWstudio Tumblr account for a whole week. Inspired by anime, literature, poetry, music and letter writing, Yaqub currently expresses herself through her various Tumblr accounts, including Lunelait and Cleiio.

After interning for photographer, filmmaker and writer Richard Kern, Yaqub cemented her aesthetic approach to image-making by choosing to create content that forms a dialogue between subject and object. She says, ‘my images communicate that females will always be objectified… it has become second nature to see women as objects, to look at and lust over, rather than see them as individuals’. Yaqub uses both found and self-generated images, often depicting vulnerability, feminine sexuality and fetish reference. ‘Most of my images are sexual and therefore the women in the photos I select are immediately paired with the thought and act of sex and therefore men, and women alike, will look at them as sexual objects, provoking erotic thoughts and prurient feelings.' Additionally, although she often selects women as her subjects, she feels that both men and women are objectified within the media, saying, ‘the scales are more or less in balance nowadays…it's not just women that are looked at sexually’. Her Tumblrs channel fine art aesthetics, offering up a range of content that contrasts with the polish of much high fashion imagery. Make sure to catch her provocative and intense visual images as she comments on sexuality, lust and objectification in her week-long Tumblr curation. 


  1. Sam
    11:15 2 Dec 2012
    Your work is provacative, sexual and dark at times. Others' may feel your work is offensive or too sexual, I like it.
  2. Aqua
    15:06 2 Dec 2012
    Your work is provocative, sexual and dark at times. Others' may feel your work is offensive or too sexual, I like it
  3. Xtine
    23:41 2 Dec 2012
    Your a superstar x