by Alexander Fury .

New Year, New Home: SHOWstudio is on the move!

White open spaces

A new year is always a time for change, renewal and growth - and for 2009, SHOWstudio has decided to do nothing by halves. We've had our fingers, toes and everything inbetween crossed for the better part of two months but now the news is official: SHOWstudio is moving! Yesterday gave the team our first chance to rummage around our new digs, situated in the establishment heart of Mayfair, and we were mightily impressed, not to mention a little excited. Over the next month or so, you'll see the not-so-fascinating process of us packing up our worldly goods and bidding farewell to Ironmonger Row, the East End and the place SHOWstudio has called home since its inception in 2000. As of yet, the precise coordinates and some of the exciting and unexpected particulars of our new home remain a secret, but the above photographs may give a sneaky hint as to what to expect on the SHOWstudio webcams when we have officially relocated in early spring.


  1. Turbo
    14:12 9 Jan 2009
    Looks like a really good space! I used to live in "South Street" around the corner.
    Good luck with the move!
  2. ChrisSummerfield
    16:23 9 Jan 2009
    Same here. Good luck with the move. I hope also that things are going well for turbo in Iceland
  3. ChrisSummerfield
    16:29 9 Jan 2009
    Sound great, good luck with the move, and we can look forward to more great work coming out of the new studio. Hope also that things are going well for Turbo in Iceland
  4. la
    19:01 9 Jan 2009
    I am sure I recognize that interior...
    I can't wait to see the "unexpected particulars".Good luck with the move!
  5. Salwa
    00:09 10 Jan 2009
    woo congrats guys!
    From the basement to the penthouse almost? most excellent, good luck with the move!
  6. KaWai
    01:57 10 Jan 2009
    Great! I can't wait to see how this would evolve...
  7. steveregs
    21:03 10 Jan 2009
    Best of luck in the new space, the place looks fantastic!
  8. ChrisSummerfield
    09:48 12 Jan 2009
    It looks l;ike a great new venue and I hope it has a great future ahead. All the best Chris
  9. ChrisSummerfield
    09:50 12 Jan 2009
    It looks like a great New Venue for creativity All the best Chris
  10. ChrisSummerfield
    13:11 12 Jan 2009
    I wish you the best of luck in your new home. I hope that all is also going well for Turbo in Iceland.
  11. MissJeffrey
    00:49 13 Jan 2009
  12. DanielBrown
    17:11 13 Jan 2009
    Looks fantastic!