by Kiki Georgiou .

New York Fashion Week A/W 2012: Kiki Georgiou


Hello from the city that refuses to acknowledge fur leg warmers as a faux pas even when a snowstorm is about to hit. It's New York, baby, the sun is out and everything goes.

This is my first time in the fashion trenches Stateside and it's an interesting season for American designers. S/S 2012 received a rather lukewarm reception, with a lot of designers seemingly feeling that they had to follow the trends - digitised floral prints head-to-toe were very much a London thing - rather than set them; or simply put forward an interesting answer to humankind's greatest question: is colour-blocking still cool? (answer: perhaps, but actually uttering the word 'blocking' after colour ain't)

But don't listen to me. I've just seen Lindsay Lohan get in a yellow cab outside The Standard in nothing more than undergarments and a fur coat. Surely Marc Jacobs can't beat that!


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  1. 00:08 11 Feb 2012
    where is the picture of LL in undergarments and a fur coat then??!!!!
    you tease.