by Alexander Fury .

New York Fashion Week - Season Report

Following a non-stop month covering the Autumn/Winter 2010 Collections across two continents, this week seems an appropriate time to stop and reflect on what we have seen. On behalf of, this season I have sat, stood and scrummed my way through a hundred-or-so shows - comprising over four thousand garments - to determine exactly what women will be wearing (or at least wanting to wear) come December. Frankly, it's a mixed bag: you can be a sadomasochistic milkmaid, a slave to simplicity, a Working Girl V. 0.1,.2 and indeed .3, or a bourgeoisie housewife (with or without a twist). For the next four days, it's my job to dissect our fashion experience city by city, and provide a definitive overview of the season at large.

Where to start? The beginning is a very good place, namely New York, the first fashion pit-stop and an obvious port of call in a season heavily influenced by the spare minimalism of American sportswear and vintage nineties Calvin 'Clean' Klein. Here are my thoughts on the best (and the rest) of New York Autumn/Winter 2010.

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