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New Yves Saint Laurent Campaign Portfolio Launched!

A new ten-spread Campaign Portfolio of Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin's dramatic nocturnes for Yves Saint Laurent's Autumn/Winter '07–8 season launched on SHOWstudio today, casting Gisele Bündchen as the 'dualistic YSL woman'; a character oscillating between the opposing poles of mystery and conformity, chic and transgression, freedom and bourgeois constraint.

Each pairing of images has been titled to represent the landmark collection's different strands: 'Tribute'; 'Catwalk'; 'Charlotte'; 'Cashmere Dress' and 'Evening Dress'. Photographed at night in the Seine-side streets of Île Saint-Louis, the photographs evoke classic 70s street shots of YSL fashions whilst the vigorous, 'off moment' image capture that characterises the work of the Dutch photographic duo communicates the complexity and modernity of Stefano Pilati’s vision for the house.

The keen eyed will notice that we've adopted a new thumbnail navigation system to view campaign images, presented in a Flash enviroment. This will allow future Campaign Portfolios to incorporate animations, films and transitions, allowing for a richer and more experimental campaign viewing experience!


  1. JereV
    09:03 1 Sep 2007
    The whole thing works, but the Evening Dress part is the absolute highlight of the piece. There is so much unspoken "honesty" loaded in those two pictures that I almost explode. Even though the inspiration has possibly aroused from very different place, it's a kind of Lost In Translation type of fling. Very few words, but intense feelings...
  2. GalileosUniverse
    10:15 1 Sep 2007
    ......nice catalogue.....the Milan spirit is very present understandably...somehow I miss the nonchalant element .....of 'Paris' Chic.... ' Rive Gauche" composed in a way ......but nice....
  3. Sandrine
    16:32 1 Sep 2007
    I'm not getting Milan: that suggests a certain brashness and leathery-thighed sexuality to me that I just can't see in these pictures. Do you mean that you can see the 'hand of Stefano', since he's from Milan?
  4. sunnylim
    18:55 1 Sep 2007
    I prefer the smaller photos that are placed beside the larger ones in each layout.
    For me, those had more emotions than the detailed shots. I don't really feel the sexuality going on with these images, i felt like gisele was eluding from something, perhaps the evil clutches of capitalism? haha. I particularly liked the one with only her legs shot in charlotte.
  5. sunnylim
    19:00 1 Sep 2007
    and after reading the first paragraph,
    yes, it's some sort of elude that was part of the intent.
  6. Sandrine
    19:22 1 Sep 2007
    It's an interesting point, Sunnyboy: a Post Structuralist would say that it's the juxtaposition between the classic fashion plate on the right and the 'film still' on the left that's building the narrative tension (which is the most one could hope from a fashion spread, surely?). But personally, I'm just diverted by the slightly tubular, trunk-like heels of the shoes.
  7. GalileosUniverse
    19:22 1 Sep 2007
    .......the ' hand of Stefano '.....indeed :)
  8. KirstyAlsoppFanclub
    19:29 1 Sep 2007
    You mean these?!!!
  9. sunnylim
    19:35 1 Sep 2007
    yes, afterall, the campaign is about the clothes.
    and a pity that the shoes, destroys the beauty of it all.
    its always the shoes, isn't it!
  10. GalileosUniverse
    19:38 1 Sep 2007
    .............great eye !!!...I was wondering how comfortable they would feel for a woman to walk considering such perimeter and hight lenght......
  11. GalileosUniverse
    19:41 1 Sep 2007
    .............great eye !!!...I was wondering how comfortable they would feel for a woman to walk considering such perimeter and hight lenght......
  12. GalileosUniverse
    19:58 1 Sep 2007
    ....poor shoes !......they always seem to get the blame :):).... and to think that they are the ones to carry such all the heavy burden and weight, unasked and forced upon them...!!!!:):):).....and the buyer...always... gets away :):):)
  13. KirstyAlsoppFanclub
    20:39 1 Sep 2007
    I cannot agree: these shoes are SUBLIME! The wood and leather together, the shallow depth between court and snub toe...they're perfect!
  14. KirstyAlsoppFanclub
    20:45 1 Sep 2007
    Giselle doesn't walk. She flies!
  15. sunnylim
    04:42 2 Sep 2007
    to each its own i guess, (:
  16. GalileosUniverse
    07:14 2 Sep 2007
    .....' the shoes' ....are the ones stealing the show !!!... they always do....:):)
  17. JoshBaker
    17:52 2 Sep 2007
    Nice Photos. Nice Flash ;D
  18. mmbbaa
    01:53 4 Sep 2007
    Up date on 24 HRS?
    The restream?
    The finished product?