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Next In Fashion interview - Alice Hawkins

In our next In Fashion live interview, set to broadcast from 12:30 on 3 February, our Fashion Director Alexander Fury will hold court with celebrated British photographer and image-maker Alice Hawkins. In addition to being a contributor, most recently with a cinematic exploration of the A/W 2010 collections filtered through notions of English class consciousness in her film The Good Life, Hawkins' audacious work continues to straddle the line between fine art and fashion, provoking a reevaluation of the definitions of taste from both industry and outsiders alike. Fine fodder, indeed, for an in-depth interview!

In Fashion, Alice Hawkins will broadcast live from 12:30 on Thursday 3 February 2011

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  1. someonegreat
    10:17 30 Jan 2011
    I am a huge Alice Hawkins fan and cannot wait for this!