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Next In Fashion interview - Susanna Lau!

Our latest In Fashion interviewee is not only a fashion household name, but a contributor and favourite - Susanna Lau, better known as Susie Bubble of blog Style Bubble. Acknowledged as a leader in the blog revolution that has impacted fashion from high-street to haute couture, with a tenure as Commissioning Editor of Dazed Digital to boot, Lau will sit down with Fashion Director Alexander Fury on the eve (quite literally) of the first leg of the A/W 2011 shows to discuss her love of fashion and career to date.

Our In Fashion interview with Susanna Lau will be streamed live from 12:00 Noon GMT this Monday 10 January 2011

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  1. milkwrist
    20:07 7 Jan 2011
    Looking forward to this, going to give me some career aspirations.