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Nexus Vomitus

The final spatters of vomit strategically swathe and dry on the canvas and the eerie sounds of the Spanish lullaby ‘Nana’ still resound in our ears while we reflect on yesterday's exceptional LiveStudio performance with Millie Brown. Undoubtedly a remarkable concept from the offset, the sum of the performance's parts far exceeded our expectations.  Between the stark contrasts of vivid color against the sterile white room, and the angelic sounds coming from the young Opera signers as juxtaposed against Millie's guttural noises, the day was a host of poignant contradictions. What's most curious though is that we've been left with two tangible representations of the concept that seamless represent the beauty of this visceral performance; one in the form of a swirling canvas that captured the violent vomit , the other the edited film footage that captures the inconceivable gamut of emotion of the day.