by Andrew Gow .

Nick and Naomi's V Magazine Shoot

Naomi for V

The new Naomi pictures are now in our gallery! Last January, if you remember, Nick Knight shot Naomi Campbell for V magazine wearing some extravagant couture dresses that had appeared merely days before at the private defilés of Paris Couture Week. Tomorrow sees the release of V, in which a defiantly Amazonian Naomi models a selection of white goddess gowns from Dior, Gaultier, Lacroix, Givenchy, Valentino, Armani and Chanel, while deliquescing into splashes of intense colour. You can see them here first...


  1. GalileosUniverse
    02:41 15 May 2007
    .... a very intriguing concept !
  2. JoshBaker
    11:38 15 May 2007
    These are brilliant Nick! ;)
  3. TomCooksey
    12:34 15 May 2007
    always ahead of the game...amazing and intriguing as usual. well done all involved.
  4. s.ciuccoli
    16:08 15 May 2007
  5. simon.foxton
    23:18 15 May 2007
    These work very well .
    The 'drip effect' doesn't overpower the final image .
    The styling is restrained and intelligent and the
    hair and make-up reflect that .
    Altogether they constitute a very beautiful set of images.
  6. GalileosUniverse
    09:21 16 May 2007
    '...travelling beyond the superficial....travelling to where it all really matters....tales of vulnerability and to never be..... afraid.....'
  7. KaWai
    15:40 17 May 2007
    I just saw the print work in V and some preview in W, the print effect in V looked really futuristic, in W it looked more the effect I am used to seeing. I don't mean the digital manipulation that caused it, I mean the feeling of the photos. Wondering if it's because of the quality of the papers that triggered the results?
  8. cLouboutinLover
    14:51 21 May 2007
    i love it! they're such beautiful and rich images...!
  9. BENO Dovrazi
    17:48 22 May 2007
    this is a brilliant Nick!
    BENO Dovrazi - Miami Fashion Photographer
  10. KaWai
    23:13 22 May 2007
    I enjoyed reading Naomi's diaries in W.
  11. AvantleVent
    10:03 29 May 2007
    What on this earth is your inspiration ??? Very creative!!!
    These facinating images are an inspiration to me!
    Thank You for this