by Dan Challis .

Nick Knight features in a V&A exhibition for The London Design Festival

Hot on the heels of Fashion Week, London's eye now turns to another week of festivities celebrating the city's creative output. Here at SHOWstudio Shop we join the rest of the city in welcoming the start of The London Design Festival! To mark the occasion SHOWstudio's director Nick Knight has been invited by the V&A to contribute to their multisite exhibition God Is In The Details now open until 22 September. 

The museum, in partnership with Swarovski, asked Knight along with 13 other influential creatives, including Amanda Levette and Stephen Webster, to each select a piece from the V&A's extensive collection that best fit the 'detailed' thematic. Knight selected the Virgin and Child by Carlo Crivelli, 1480 which can be found in Medieval & Renaissance on the second floor. When asked why he chose the piece Knight said:

'I have often thought that we don’t actually 'see' an image, more that we feel it. Like a symphony, we are unaware of the individual notes. But if one is out of place, or is false or out of time, then it is obvious. Photographs, paintings and all images are visual compositions. Harmonious when they work and operatic when they are truly beautiful. When I work I believe it is the synaesthete part of me that makes me see images as sound. What I am searching for is the harmonies, the moment the image 'sounds' right. Every note has purpose and a reason to be there.'

Click here for more information about the exhibition and here for a peak at what else is going on in the city for The London Design Festival!


  1. jon.emmony
    12:08 20 Sep 2013
    Love this concept
  2. tor.hopkins
    12:17 20 Sep 2013
    Love this work - Crivelli was so ahead of his time