by Niamh White .

Nick Knight in 'Moving the Still: A Festival of GIFs'

While the GIF file format is twenty-five years old this year, it has recently gained considerable traction in the digital sphere. It is a format frequently utilised by SHOWstudio to animate our website or Tumblr pages, as well as often appearing in the wider practice of Nick Knight and other established artists. Most notably, Knight creating a heart breaking ode to Lee McQueen using the format, pictured above.

In his second recent collaboration with Paddle8, Knight will exhibit this piece as part of an online editorial project which features a curated selection of GIFs created by invited artists. The piece will feature alongside work by Adam Dugas, Casey Spooner, Spencer Sweeney, Jim Drain, Naomi Fisher and Nicolas Fernandez, among many others, together with a range of contextual materials on the history of the GIF itself.

In celebration of the project, Paddle8 and Tumblr are also hosting an online call for submissions of GIFs from Tumblr's vast, international blogger community -- culminating in a physical exhibition of selected GIFs on view during Art Basel Miami Beach in December. So, if you think your creations can compete with the best, submit your GIF via Tumblr from 17th October through 7th November 2012.