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Nick Knight on Advertising

Following the launch of our new Advertising section at midnight last night, Nick Knight will be partaking in an interview today with Penny Martin, in which he will talk about his own experience of working in commercial image-making and discuss the reasons, aims and intentions for SHOWstudio's new advertising showcase. Proceedings will begin at 12:00 noon, so meanwhile feel free to submit any questions you may have using the 'respond to BLOG' function. Our video editor Harry Hanrahan will be capturing the entire interview which will posted on the site later today.


  1. Patch
    13:50 1 Sep 2006
    I think this is fantastic and gives the site a whole new dimension, I love the commercial side of fashion photography, it could'nt have come sooner! Brilliant.
  2. acester
    14:29 1 Sep 2006
    I love the idea
    usually I prefer non commercial..but I trust you guys not to go over the top and so far..I'm loving it. Infact it'll probably give me more respect for commercial fashion photography.
  3. simon.foxton
    15:51 1 Sep 2006
    I like seeing ads on the site , they add a certain validity
    to the proceedings , but do you think they will lead to
    a change in editorial policy ?
    i.e. advertisers insisting on being included in projects and shoots.
  4. JonoRotman
    17:11 1 Sep 2006
    I trust you'll temper this step with impeccable taste and free creative reign... And commerce is a necessary foundation right? and you need big blocks on which to build a tower of power. Besides 10X8 isn't cheap....