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Nick Knight shoots Kim Kardashian for V

Never one to stray far from the pulse of the zeitgeist, Nick Knight embraced pop culture by shooting reality sensation, Twitter phenomenon and all round girl-of-the-moment Kim Kardashian for V magazine. Stylist Ellie Grace Cumming and hair-guru Sam McKnight were also on hand to keep Kim looking her best. SHOWstudio is now proud to release behind the scenes footage from the day-long shoot, alongside all the stunning editorial imagery, also available in V magazine (on sale from Thursday 30 August). Get your reality check now!

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  1. Fatih
    10:38 24 Nov 2012
    i know im repeating mslyef thats my point that way,, i know she did a porn, and it was boring! so i dont think she got payed much for it lol well i hope anyways,,,, i think they are really funny and silly,, i think its cuz me and my sisters and brothers are really close like them, i seen alot of funny things they do, that we did. now were all in differant parts of the world and its nice to see them. maybe i am overrating her, maybe in my eyes im not. i like her fashion its fun