by Lou Stoppard .

Nick Knight on Instagram

Those who follow Nick Knight's work will know that he sees photo opportunities everywhere. From glamorous pictures of latex-clad models to shots of the plug in his bathroom sink, nothing escapes the beady eye of Nick's lens. If you've glanced over our adorable Pussycat, Pussycat project you'll also see that Nick has a penchant for Instagram, the handy web tool that lets you upload pictures straight from your iPhone with an added filter.

Nick can see potential and beauty in the humblest objects, hence why his web followers are treated to an abundance of daily depictions of the many things he sees when going about his work in and around SHOWstudio. There's everything from candid portraits of some of the fabulous guests who stop by to visit us at Bruton place, to images of the little objects and ornaments dotted around our central London headquarters. Most recently, Nick's been shooting, as well as watching, the throne. Our feeds are full of images of Kanye and co, on and off the stage, during their current stay in London.

See all the visual action for yourself by following Nick Knight on Instagram at @showstudio_nick_knight or on our Tumblr and Twitter accounts.