by Penny Martin .

Nick reveals dissatisfaction with pants - shocker!

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No, not with Alister's rail, silly! Nick just finds men's underwear uninspiring in general; hence today's shoot. As he explains...


  1. BillySoh
    16:20 31 May 2007
    It warms my heart to see that something otherwise dull and mundane being challenged.
  2. flux
    19:31 31 May 2007
    So... what kind of undies does Mr Knight sport then?
  3. flux
    20:19 31 May 2007
    Oh no! I didn't mean to offend!! where did the live feed go?
  4. nickknight
    21:28 31 May 2007
    nothing at all,ever.
  5. MissJ
    22:56 31 May 2007
    Now the silk lined levi's make perfect sense!
  6. queenoftarts
    02:17 1 Jun 2007
    I'm simply trying to understand why its so attractive. On paper, I would have scoffed it. Moving and sparkling and shape shifting on live feed, it totally works. I'm wondering if it'll have the same impact in 2D...
  7. PennyMartin
    10:51 1 Jun 2007
    Welcome back, QOHs, we've not heard from you in some time. You'll be pleased to hear that there's a rare George Platt Lynes monograph lying around in the studio for reference purposes, so stay tuned for your particular viewing pleasure...
    You too, f:lux- tell us all!
  8. flux
    19:20 1 Jun 2007
    Hello Penny!
    Tell all? Well, really! There will be no "f:lux wears Y-fronts" type revelations today... ;)