by Alexander Fury .

No Clowning around!

Carmen on camera!

With our first outfit in the bag - and daylight fast diminishing - Panos, Hannah, Marian and Sam are putting the final touches to Carmen Kass' second look of our two-day Clown shoot. Despite our project title, Nick Knight's glossy 8x10 polaroids above testify that the shoot's aesthetic is veering far, far away from the accepted and understood realms of circus ring and fairground performance - not that we really expected light and carefree joviality, given Panos' visual references and choice of designer togs. Accordingly, the final looks have more in common with mournful French Pierrots, Stephen King's 'It' and the nightmarish Siats of Ute tribe mythology than the child-pleasing ilk of Bozo, Coco or even Krusty. And with night closing in, it can only get creepier.