Live Now Louis Vuitton - Spring / Summer 2019 Panel Discussion

17:00 - 18:15 on June 21 2018 BST

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On-demand footage of our third Book Club live stream is up!

On Tuesday 8 October 2013, Lou Stoppard sat down with Linda Watson, Susan Irvine, Kathleen Baird-Murray and Drusilla Beyfus, the authors behind four books in the Vogue On series.

The lively literary chat saw Watson focus on Vivienne Westwood, while Irvine discussed Cristóbal Balenciaga, Baird-Murray talked about Ralph Lauren and Beyfus assessed Hubert de Givenchy. While there was general agreement that Balenciaga was fashion's greatest master, there was debate over the skills and talents of the other three featured designers. Does great marketing ability make one a great designer? When is historical referencing just copying? Why are fashion books so important to understand the industry? See the authors discuss these questions and more, all while fighting the corner of their respective designers, in this footage now!

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