by Penny Martin .


With an informed audience like SHOWstudio's, it's not quite good enough to say that 'pornographic webchats were our initial inspiration' and then not look into the critical ramifications of finding pornography 'inspiring'.

And so, to complement the live Liberty Ross shoot, we've commissioned a bit of reading for you. Six people representing six very different views on the relationship between fashion, photography and pornography have provided us with fascinating short written statements supporting their personal view and also with images, where appropriate. We've arranged this into a cast of characters, mapping the territories of their respective arguements, from Militant Feminist and Photographic Historian to The Pornographer himself and The Connoisseur of the images he produces.

As well as longtime SHOWstudio contributors Peter Saville and Ann-Sofie Back, we are pleased to welcome photographers Jonathan de Villiers and Richard Kern (his 'Woman With Man, 2004' is pictured above), the Director of Christie's and esteemed writer on photography Philippe Garner and of course, icon of feminism, the late Andrea Dworkin, into the fold.