by SHOWstudio .


You've until midnight tomorrow night to win that splendid black, patent YSL laptop case as part of our 24hrs competition! All you need to do is answer twenty-four questions on the form provided on the SHOWstudio site and that sleek item of luggage -worth £910 ($1795)- could well be yours!!


  1. Sandrine
    17:07 6 Nov 2007
    Ok, in the SHOWstudio spirit of collaboration...someone French help me out with Q12. Where do you find out the optimum luggage limit online?
  2. GalileosUniverse
    07:42 7 Nov 2007
    Air France's maximum dimensions for hand luggage : 56cm x 45cm x 25cm
  3. KirstyAlsoppFanclub
    17:26 7 Nov 2007
    Well, how very generous G.U.! Are you sure you don't mind jeopardising your chance to win that bag?
  4. JoshBaker
    22:07 7 Nov 2007
    My goodness. I made an attempt but it was in vain. There are questions there I just can't seem to answer.
    Best of luck to all those who enter.
  5. GalileosUniverse
    23:02 7 Nov 2007
    LOL...! Not at all....


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