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Online Gallery and 'Making Of' film launched!

With the 'Sex' issue of Wallpaper* hitting newsstands today, we are able to simultaneously publish our own online gallery of the final Soft Furnishings editorial devised by Nick Knight and Peter Saville. Alongside these glossy spreads, we update the project with our final film highlight - a three-minute 'Making Of' short examining all the action behind the scenes of Peter Saville's truly unique Erotic House.


  1. billykidd
    20:31 23 Jun 2009
    I love how you guys show almost every stage of creation. The only thing i would want to see more of, is how Nick lights. to see a setup would delight me. However, a beggar can't be a chooser. Nick already shows more than anyone else. Bravo to you all.
  2. nickknight
    00:19 24 Jun 2009
    Hello Billy Kidd,
    the lighting could hardly have been simpler; a huge 20 by 20 silk over everything with four heads pointing down into it.
    Hope that satisfies your curiosity.
    I will try and remember to show it more next live broadcast.
    Best wishes
    Nick knight