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Our final day's sitters...

To close another whirlwind day - with no less than eighteen people sitting before Nick Knight's camera as part of our 100 Portraits project and shoot for i-D - here are a couple of Nick's images of Gareth Pugh wearing his own creations, and Carson McColl wearing... well, very little at all! Tomorrow is our final day shooting here at Somerset House (although SHOWstudio: Fashion Revolution has been extended until 23 December) and, to go out with a bang, our sitters include Erdem and Trish Goff, Francesca Burns, Kanye West, Katy England, Kim Jones and Lily Allen, Naomi James, Paul Flynn and Dave DJ, Peter Saville and Anna Blessman, Sabisha, Simon Costin, The Horrors, Venetia Scott, Zoe Bedeaux. Join us from 11:00 GMT tomorrow for our final day of shooting.

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  1. GalileosUniverse
    08:40 20 Dec 2009
    REF;PIC; 2007_10_01_archive.htm
    Is the KANYE WEST mentioned above the same KANYE WEST who is being accused of raping a minor and who is famously notorious and known for caring very little about WOMAN ? I realise that GOSSIP is the worst form of human ' creativity ' but if he is the same person that is being accused of such hideous mental attitude .... isn't it a little to much of a good thing to GLORIFY his TWISTED EGO ??????? If he is not the same INFAMOUS KW then ...... my apologies for 'confusing' names ... but if he is the same UTTERLY unpleasant and RACIST character who made that WEIRD and totally unfound accusation that the USA purposely brought to the world the AIDS virus and made a total buffoon of himself at the MTV awards by being such a 'BRAVE' man and literally assaulting TAYLOR SWIFT then ID MAGAZINE should really think twice ... because it just makes ID look really ......... S**T***D and empty-headed !!!
    It is wonderful to have CONTROVERSIAL CREATIVE CHARACTERS but being accused of RAPE and being VIOLENT and UNFRIENDLY against WOMEN is nothing to be PROUD OF !!! .... or is it ?
    What is in the end the ' value' of such image ...... Uhmm...'HEROISM' AT ITS BEST according to I-D MAGAZINE ?