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Our final Fashion Fetish essay is now live!

London-based journalist Victoria Turk presents the last essay in our Fashion Fetish series. The thought provoking piece responds to photographer Alice Hawkins’ cheeky Fashion Fetish film, Hello Rory. Hello Rory features Hawkins and three Barbie-esque accomplices clad in pretty, silky Agent Provocateur lingerie while roaming lusciously around a candy-coloured apartment. In an interesting take on fetish, sexual liberation and feminist theory, Turk explores how Hawkins toys with 'the risk of reinforcing' common notions of traditional object/subject relationships. She argues that while Hawkins embraces 'the fakery of today’s idealised sexual allure', she 'draws gratification from her objectification, and so reclaims the 'sexy' doll-like ideal for her own purposes.' Having cited varyous opinions - from Living Dolls author Natasha Walter to feminist academic Elizabeth Grosz - Turk punchily concludes that, 'to forgo a personal pleasure on the basis that it may also indulge male desire would be utterly self-defeating'. Read the piece in full in Fashion Fetish now.