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Our latest Punk film is live!

Our latest Punk fashion film comes from image-maker and SHOWstudio alumnus Penny Tu! Tu collaborated with Shao Yen Chen on this poignant piece, which offers a soft, haunting view of punk. 'I am fascinated by the psychology of many great rebellious minds - visionary, delicate and troubled,' explains Tu. 'I wanted to explore that, a different facet of punk, expressing it with emotion and sensibility.'

Watch the film now or snap up one of the garments featured in the film, the beautiful Metal Clips Adorned Cardigan, from SHOWstudio Shop.


  1. virgil
    19:55 12 Aug 2013
    I have never heard of this director before.
    Can you tell me where else I can see their work, please.
    This film is EXTRAORDINARY!
    00:48 13 Aug 2013
    Penny Tu and Shao Yen Chen, you are great!
    This film is the best .
    Intelligent film making is rare, but you have made a masterpiece.
    Real art.