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Our Prada live panel discussion begins today at 17:00 BST

This afternoon we'll be diving deep into the identity of one of the largest fashion houses working today. Established 99 years ago, Prada began life as the Prada Brothers and they specialised in leather and the import/export of British luggage. Over the following decades, Prada carved for itself a niche of true individuality that has kept it at the forefront of European fashion ever since.

Now, for its Spring/Summer 2013 collection, we've assembled an acclaimed panel of fashion commentators to discuss this legendary house and its modern and always unique eye for dressing. Writer and host Camilla Morton will lead the panel including founder of Business of Fashion Imran Amed, Editor-at-Large of Bon magazine Madelaine Levy, the Sunday Times' Colin McDowell and writer Jo-Ann Furniss in analysing this iconic label. We're live from 17:00 BST. This is one not to be missed.