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Our Punk film season has launched!

Coinciding with the Met exhibition Punk: Chaos to Couture, on which Nick Knight served as a consultant, SHOWstudio celebrates fashion film with a dynamic new series. A range of our talented contributors were tasked with exploring punk's central theme of personal expression and DIY by creating or customising a special item of clothing to serve as the subject of their individual fashion film.

First up is SHOWstudio friend and video and performance artist Erica Schreiner! You can view her evocative film Jam over on our project page now, or purchase her Fruit Stained Slip, created during the making of the film, from SHOWstudio Shop.

In typical Schreiner fashion, the film toys with ideas of anarchy and destruction. It sees her squash cherries, tomatoes and strawberries onto her pure white slip dress in an act that seems to toy with notions of virginal purity. This is one of several films Schreiner has contributed to SHOWstudio. Recently, we exclusively launched her The Tale of the Bravest Warrior, and she previously contributed to our Fashion Fetish with a beautiful, ethereal film in which she also starred as the subject.

Watch Erica Schreiner's Jam now!