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Our second Punk: DIY winner!

Earlier this year, SHOWstudio launched a major fashion film and animation competition to celebrate this season's theme of Punk. Fashion filmmakers and animators were asked to create a short film featuring a one-off DIY-inspired garment, which also reflected their own personal interpretation of the movement.

This week's winner is photographer Charlene Bagcal! Bagcal is a multi-hyphenate creative. She began her early career as a painter, then later worked as a graphic designer before focusing her career on fashion photography and creative direction.

In 2012, her fashion film, Solace for //SLANG, ranked on the prestigious Fashion Film Network's top 10 film list. This year, her commissioned fashion film, Dreamland for DRESSLAB, was chosen as an Official Selection at the La Jolia Fashion Film Festival.

Watch Bagcal's Sleek film now! The next winners will be released in the upcoming  weeks. Stay Tuned. 


  1. christian
    20:09 14 Aug 2013
    i love the film Charlene, but I want to know why you didn't stop it just after the girl does what ever she does ( so beautifully) between her legs.
    It feels like that would have been a more enigmatic end....
    Please could you explain.
  2. emeraldees
    18:37 16 Aug 2013
    She is HOT!
  3. Kolten Canfield
    19:56 18 Aug 2013
    Wild film.what is she doing between her legs though ?
    Can't the guy that made this tell me by writing on this blog?
  4. Kolten Canfield
    19:57 18 Aug 2013
    sorry, I meant girl!