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Our third Punk: DIY winner

Earlier this year, SHOWstudio launched a major fashion film and animation competition to celebrate this season's theme of punk. Fashion filmmakers and animators were asked to create a short film featuring a one-off DIY-inspired garment, which also reflected their own personal interpretation of punk. 

Today we launch Hirohito Fujiyasu's TOKYOPUNK, which offers an explosive take on the punk movement! Fujiyasu explains, 'The film looks at the sense of discomfort in Tokyo that comes from the contradiction between our origin culture and a foreign one. It's about liberating our repressed origin by mixing chaos with a beat of life. We call that, 'TOKYOPUNK'.'

Watch TOKYOPUNK now, or snap up the featured Leather Rider's Collar by Nitz Schnider from SHOWstudio Shop!