by Ben Knight Evans .

Paris Fashion Week: Alexis Mabille

Alexis Mabille's A/W 2011 collection continued on the distinct note of bourgeois struck by Jean Paul Gaultier yesterday. The show -which began with a maid opening the curtains through which the models entered the hall from the bitter Parisian cold outside- had a heavy Country Living vibe to it, with equestrian details such as braid and blanket coats sitting alongside paisley print. This new direction in some ways alienated the Mabille signature pieces of soft-yet-neat tailoring with carefully placed bows, yet these stood out as the more chic and desireable pieces. Surefooted as this new direction seemed from Mabille and his confident stride at the finale, doubt from the viewer was enhanced by the tumble of several models from leather-tasseled heels to the parquet floor.