Live Now ALYX - Spring / Summer 2019 Panel Discussion

11:00 - 12:15 on June 25 2018 BST

by Alexander Fury .


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  1. TorErik
    11:14 30 Sep 2008
    I really like these reports, though I wish you would film more, especially those smaller ones (like Bless) and those non-catwalk-ones that are done as an exhibition. And, hm, everything else don't report from
  2. 1cal1
    11:29 30 Sep 2008
    yes more filming PLEASE.
  3. friend
    12:11 30 Sep 2008
  4. marian
    12:18 30 Sep 2008
    Go alex! I am becoming a big fan of your writing. You've made the fashion weeks even more exciting.
  5. dromedary
    12:22 30 Sep 2008
    i'm itching to hear how they're all going but suppose we have to wait until you're done with your show marathon tonight? :(
    Cant wait! oh and yeah, the more filming the better
  6. alex.fury
    14:37 30 Sep 2008
    I try to get the show reports in after each show - I think that an immediate reaction is the way SHOWstudio's coverage stands out from the rest of the pack, and the beauty of a roaming cameraphone and my heavily-battered bluetooth keyboard is that it allows me to update whenever and wherever. Neverthless, when the shows are back-to-back and you're jumping from metro to bus to taxi it's just not always possible. But I'll do my best!
  7. alex.fury
    14:40 30 Sep 2008
    Whenever I see a great moment I try to film it - I agree that it gives the best sense of actually being there and I love that it is un-edited and quite rough. The Bless installation, unfortunately, didn't give me much opportunity for that - but tonight I'm covering Jeremy Scott and on Thursday Bernhard Willhelm, both of which promise much fodder for footage I'm sure!